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May Justice be done

Justice in South Africa is a peculiar institution. Every day we read stories in the news about rapists and murderers violating everyone’s rights and, somehow, every article seems to end with the same words which is: “No arrests have been made.” As a law abiding South African, this infuriates me beyond measure. It is simply another indication of our weak government, our ineffective police force and our abysmal justice system.

It’s no surprise that, with the relentless onslaught of violent crime, citizens resort to purchasing firearms in order to protect themselves. The criminals rob, kill and rape with impunity, often for nothing more than a few Rands. For instance, last week a woman was attacked and brutalized in her Pretoria home for nothing more than a cell phone.

The robber punched her several times and beat her in the face with a sewing machine. She suffered a broken cheekbone, jaw, nose and brow for something as mundane as a cell phone. If the police and government are useless, then it’s up to the free man and woman on the street to take action.

Despite their negative stigma, guns save lives. Why else would police and soldiers arm themselves, if not for the protection of a country and its citizenry? And, even with firearms, if the police are ineffective, it is up to the man or woman on the street to arm and to protect themselves. Not only themselves but also their friends, family and loved ones.

Violent crime knows no colour. It can strike anyone, of any colour and, in South Africa it seems, solely directed at women. But, here at Guns Save, we believe that women and, indeed everybody, no longer need to feel unsafe in their homes or on the streets. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people and, more often than most, it’s the criminal who’s doing the trigger work. Well, we say no more.

We call on all South African men and women, regardless of colour, to stand up and arm themselves, to get licensed and receive adequate training for their firearms. Only then can we take this fight to the criminal. Only then can justice be done.