guns saved my life
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Firearm. There and ready when you need it.

No Individuals should ever underestimate the value of guns. They have some negative connotations attached but nevertheless, in a country with a sky-rocketing crime rate, a gun is not only a good idea but prudent. But, still, a lot of people are afraid of guns. Which is illogical because a gun is merely a tool. Contrary to popular belief guns won’t fire if you drop them. You have to remember that that gun is a product of either American or German precision engineering, was designed with both user and fire-power in mind. It takes 5 kilograms of pressure to depress the trigger on a Glock 9 mm so, rest assured, that gun is not going to go off by itself.

Part of the fear of guns is the fact that criminals, especially in South Africa, have easy access to them. Recent studies have shown that if a criminal needs a firearm, he can purchase it from the thousands being smuggled in from Zimbabwe or Mozambique or he can buy it from stolen weapons caches formerly belonging to the ANC and hidden before they came to power. In fact, studies have also shown that many guns in the hands of criminals were formerly licensed. Criminals don’t worry about the Firearm Control Act of 2000 and they certainly don’t pay the necessary licence fees to get their weapons legal.

Law-abiding citizens, however, do have to put up with the Firearm Control Act of 2000. If you thought that it was hard to get a gun license, think again. Today, it takes months for the paperwork to be processed, costs you thousands of Rands and that doesn’t include the cost of the firearm itself. But is it worth it? Absolutely, considering that criminals get more and more brazen every year. Last week, a gang of hijackers brutally murdered two police officers sitting in their cruiser in broad daylight and, at the beginning of this week, two gangsters hijacked a bus and wounded the driver. With crime like this, it’s not only smart to get a gun, but absolutely necessary. And, when you get it, learn how to use it and keep it safe. It’ll be there when you need it.

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