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An Issue I would like to stress

“What images does the word ‘gun’ conjure up? Images of you and your little brother playing with the Berretta or Glock shaped water pistols you’ve had as a kid. Or the Smith & Wesson looking clap-gun, with matching plastic sheriff’s hat and belt, complete with a holster and a bullet belt. That was my intro to guns, at least.

But all little boys like playing cowboys and crooks and the sought-after position is of course cowboys. After I grew up I joined the army and I got to fire some real guns. The M16 A2 was the rifle issued to me and I learned to qualify with it, even earning a sharpshooter qualification. I also got to fire a Berretta 9mm, the 50 calibre Browning, the ever popular 60 calibre machine gun and a disposable bazooka although we only fired 9 mm rounds from it. But guns will forever make an impression on most little boys. And, if they’re brought up right, those little boys will want to grow up to be heroes.

“Maybe that’s exactly what we need at the moment, a few heroes. Especially with the current state of affairs in South Africa. It seems that SA is ruled by the gun and the gangster. Our inept police force seem to cause more problems than they solve and our corrupt government seek to employ gun laws that aims at disarming citizens. And, with murder, rape and crime spiralling out of control in our country, what are heroes to do? The only choice they have is to arm themselves.

Sure, the criminals who rob us, the murderers who kill us and the rapists who rape our women have guns too but the difference between them and the heroes, is that they want to take the rights of others away and the heroes aim to restore it. A gun is simply a tool that can be used for good or bad but a gun in the hands of a hero becomes something more, a tool to affect justice. And, the best thing is that anyone can be a hero. You just have to stand your ground against the scum who wants to take it.

“In our country, with ever increasing crime rates, to own a firearm and know how to use it has not only become a need but a necessity. South Africa has the highest rape rate per capita on the globe and, with conditions such as they are, it’s important for ordinary citizens to protect themselves. And, it doesn’t seem that the criminal is going to run out of guns pretty soon. In fact, recently a police officer was arrested for selling firearms that was supposedly ‘destroyed’ by the SAPS which he sold to Western Cape gangsters.

With the situation as it is, it is important for the ordinary citizen, man or woman, to purchase a firearm, train themselves in the use and maintenance and learn to protect themselves. Guns aren’t dangerous, people are and that’s what needs to be stressed. Gun laws will only deprive the average citizen of a means of protection. We need more responsible people pulling the triggers. When you learn the basics of a firearm and how to affectively use it, you become a hero, a person who is willing to stand up and fight for the rights of himself, loved ones and others. Your firearm could become one of many guns that save lives.”

- Anonymous

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