guns saved my life
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Guns to promote life

I know it sounds like a bit of a contradiction. I mean, when you think of guns you think of death and destruction. But guns, at least some of them, are used to promote and protect life and I can name examples. For instance, our police force. They are charged with our protection and they are issued firearms to do exactly that. And what about the brave men and women of our armed forces? They are charged with the protection of the citizenry and the country and their firearms are significantly more impressive. But all these firearms become useless if people don’t know how to use them. And, looking at the state of affairs in our country, it doesn’t seem that our police is up to the task of combating crime. Who will protect us then? In the end, it’s up to you and I, the free citizens of South Africa, to take up arms and defend our loved ones.

But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Especially now with the Firearm Control Act of 2000. Now, it’s even harder to get a firearm and, apart from what you’ll pay for the gun, you’ll have to pay in order to get your license. And, if that’s not enough, you can wait up to six months in order for the paperwork to clear. But then you’ll have a firearm and are fully entitled to use it for you and your families protection. But what about the police, you ask. Well, it seems they have their hands full considering that, last week, 3 cops were shot dead in their cruiser while parked along the N3 in Kempton Park. When it comes to crime, it seems that the criminals have the upper hand. But that can change and that change starts with you. So, get your gun, learn how to use it and join the ranks of those who have discarded their victim persona's and have joined the ranks of victors. By protecting yourself and your family, you are telling the world that guns can promote life.

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