guns saved my life
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Gun-controlled South Africa has a murder and crime rate spiralling out of control. At the same time, unfair legislation shows its an all-out war against private gun ownership and self-protection. Don't miss this riveting report!

What would you do if you were minding your own business in the comfort of your own home and a machete-wielding maniac starts kicking in your door? If you don't have a firearm in your home you'd likely panic, pick up the phone, and hope that 9-1-1 can get a police officer dispatch to your house in the next 15 seconds.

That is the subject of a big debate on online social networks after CCTV footage emerged of a home-owner pulling his gun on three armed robbers in an attempt to defend his family.

The best gun to save a life with is the gun you have when a life needs saving.

When regarding new laws governing society’s use of guns, one paramount question comes to mind; will restricting gun use keep citizens safe or will it make them more vulnerable to criminality? In a country with rising crime rates, the unprotected are left defeated if disarmed by laws. The truth in the matter is that law abiding citizens will be affected by gun laws, NOT outlaws. Is disarming society then the purpose? Exposed by what is supposed to protect them, newly instated gun legislation takes the ability to protect, away from father, brother and son. Not something that is ideal in a country drowning in robberies, rape and assault.

Guns saves lives. Gun laws leaves them vulnerable.